• Caitlyn Waites

    Caitlyn Waites

    Owner of the general store in Haven, a tall and sour-faced woman with piercing, watery eyes. Mother to Lula's best friend, Cynthia.
  • Cassius Wainwright, M.D.

    Cassius Wainwright, M.D.

    The town doctor of Tygh Valley, and Dr. Tang's adopted father. An older man, but quick witted and charming.
  • Catkiller Birdseye

    Catkiller Birdseye

    Shoshawna's Grandfather and an elder of winterground, an old, somewhat sickly man who is uneasily trying to adjust to modernity.
  • Cynthia Waites

    Cynthia Waites

    Lula's best friend, illegitimate daughter of Caitlyn and Pastor
  • Dirty Sally Four-Fingers

    Dirty Sally Four-Fingers

    Owner of the town saloon and brothel, The Wagon Wheel, and a close friend of Shoshawna's
  • Fast Leroy Birdseye

    Fast Leroy Birdseye

    Shoshawna's slightly older brother, who sold opium in town and had, until recently, been making good money at it.
  • Gertrude "Trudy" Tang

    Gertrude "Trudy" Tang

    Theo's sweet, cute, and innocent teenage sister.
  • Harlan Pyotte

    Harlan Pyotte

    A traveling salesman and self-described 'Story-Sharer' that the party met onboard the train coming West. Much strangeness ensued.
  • Kenneth Hatch

    Kenneth Hatch

    Dr. Wainwright's lover, who he accidentally turned into a murdering monster with a Gadach ritual.
  • Kevin Mc'Crackin

    Kevin Mc'Crackin

    Lula's father. A good humored, well educated man from an old money family who is a bit short on common sense but makes up for it with charisma. Suffering from a terrible skin condition.
  • Lena Avondale, PhD

    Lena Avondale, PhD

    A young, mousy, very British anthropologist who has traveled to Tygh Valley to study a native tribe that predates the settlers.
  • Leona Mc'Crackin

    Leona Mc'Crackin

    Lula's cold, skinny, and aristocratic mother.
  • Lula Mc'Crackin

    Lula Mc'Crackin

    Lula Mc'Crackin is a rich girl turned journalist who is just returning to Tygh Valley after earning a degree from Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA
  • Sean McCormick, Private Investigator

    Sean McCormick, Private Investigator

    An investigator based in New York, who has been hired to seek out a missing young man whose last known whereabouts were with Dr. Wainwright, in Tygh Valley
  • Seymour VonKreator

    Seymour VonKreator

    A young, strong US Marshall, and the only son of a wealthy German-American timber family, Seymour is returning home from a difficult and psychologically taxing assignment working with native populations in Wyoming
  • Shoshawna Birdseye

    Shoshawna Birdseye

    Shoshawna Birdseye is a 27 year old half Akaitchi/ half Irish female tracker/trail guide/gold miner from Winterground, a native encampment on the outskirts of Tygh Valley.
  • Theo Tang, M.D.

    Theo Tang, M.D.

    The hunchbacked and diminutive Theo just completed his medical internship at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, and is returning to Tygh Valley to take up the 'family' practice from his adopted father, Cassius Wainright