Shoshawna Birdseye

Shoshawna Birdseye is a 27 year old half Akaitchi/ half Irish female tracker/trail guide/gold miner from Winterground, a native encampment on the outskirts of Tygh Valley.


After her mother died birthing her and her male twin, Solomon, she was raised by her blacksmith Irish father and her Akaitchi grandpa, the Winterground elder, until her father, along with a handful of other people, was killed in a freak dam accident when she was 8. After that, her and her 5 brothers were raised exclusively in Winterground (where she learned, among many other things, how to read/write/speak the ancient native Akaitchi language and how to perform a handful of rites and tribal rituals). Being motherless and the youngest of a gang of rowdy boys, she learned hunting, shooting, tracking, and other “masculine” trades rather than any of the “feminine arts”, and with her brothers, has made a living acting as a trail guide for Anglo hunters/adventurers. In her teens, she caught the gold bug, and has spent time panning for gold in Nevada, California, Montana, and most recently, Alaska, where she and her partners struck it decently big and are now working a profitable active claim.

If being one of the few female trackers/gold miners wasn’t enough to exclude her from normal society, her best friend (name?) is the owner/madam of the local Tygh Valley low brow saloon and brothel, The Wagon Wheel, where Shoshawna keeps a room. She was returning to Winterground for the Akaitchi Harvest (does this make sense for the time of year, or??) Festival and to see her friends and family when a random encounter with some friends from her past and a mysterious turn of events on the train home promised that this visit home would be anything other than routine.

Shoshawna Birdseye

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