Cassius Wainwright, M.D.

The town doctor of Tygh Valley, and Dr. Tang's adopted father. An older man, but quick witted and charming.


Dr. Wainwright has maintained his practice in Tygh Valley for better than 30 years, setting up shop in town shortly after finishing medical school and coming west with dreams of adventure. Instead, he became a well liked fixture of the little town, despite, or maybe because of, his exotic big-city sensibilities.

After the dam broke, killing dozens of townsfolk and injuring more, Dr. Wainwright took in his sister’s orphaned children, Theo and Grutchued Tang. He raised them both, and will presumably give over his medical practice to Theo at some point.

Recently, the party learned that he is suspected by Sean McCormick, the private eye, of having something to do with the disappearance of a young gentleman who lately moved to Tygh Valley from New York, one Ken Hatch.

Cassius Wainwright, M.D.

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