• Lula Mc'Crackin

    Lula Mc'Crackin

    Lula Mc'Crackin is a rich girl turned journalist who is just returning to Tygh Valley after earning a degree from Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA
  • Seymour VonKreator

    Seymour VonKreator

    A young, strong US Marshall, and the only son of a wealthy German-American timber family, Seymour is returning home from a difficult and psychologically taxing assignment working with native populations in Wyoming
  • Shoshawna Birdseye

    Shoshawna Birdseye

    Shoshawna Birdseye is a 27 year old half Akaitchi/ half Irish female tracker/trail guide/gold miner from Winterground, a native encampment on the outskirts of Tygh Valley.
  • Theo Tang, M.D.

    Theo Tang, M.D.

    The hunchbacked and diminutive Theo just completed his medical internship at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, and is returning to Tygh Valley to take up the 'family' practice from his adopted father, Cassius Wainright