Tygh Valley, 1890

Dr. Tang's Journal

Entry #333

   So I’ve arrived back in my home town after almost a full year away in Chicago looking to get some trauma experience in the city E.R. or maybe in an I.C.U..The trip on the train was most interesting. I ran into several other residents of Tygh Valley that I grew up with and by some strange luck we all had the chance to catch up since we were all sharing the same compartment. I also met a man named Harlan Pyotte he claimed to be a traveling sales man and story teller, and after excusing himself from the compartment for a short time he came back and processed to yell at us after going though his bag and finding something missing but we were successful in convincing him that we didn’t take anything from his bag. I also met a P.I. named Sean McCormick who said he was looking for a young man named Ken Hatch and that Dr. Wainwright was a suspect in his disappearance which I found very offensives in the way he mentioned it. And on the last leg of the journey home I met a British anthropologist named Lena Avondale who was studying some of the local native history impartially the lost tribe of the Gadach which brought a chill over me but I believe her to be a very intelligent woman in her field of study. She did show us a picture tho of the same necklace that Harlan excused us of stealing and that had brought much strange activated earlier and that evening on the train car. The trip ended with the train train getting onto an awful accident which I believed looked like a bunch of deer where on the tracks and all got hit by the train but now I am looking at this accident with different eyes.

   We all went our separate ways after getting to the train station with me going off with the Dr but not before Mr. McCormick had a chance to harass the Dr and myself. Getting to the house shortly after leaving the station I finally got to see my sister who was more then willing to confirm that the Dr and this Ken Hatch mentioned from the train did have an affair which did not surprise me that much but the last such sort of relations I knew of before this was someone that passed in the same accident that my parents had died in (is this last part ok with you Miles?) I did do some snooping in the Dr’s study were I found a picture of who I believe most have been Ken the Dr and Harlan and an awful book about who I believe where the Gadach and some disturbing rituals that they preformed and this book was addressed to the Dr and Ken from Harlan. Later that night during dinner some of my friends from the train ride and myself confronted the Dr and asked him about what was his full relationship with Ken was and if he knew where he might be. We had ask the Dr firmly a time or two but he told the the whole story of the book and that Ken and himself had preformed some native ritual that transformed Ken into an horrible beast and that he was now in the wild loose killing people in the area. This is a nightmare of circumstances and I am going to have to keep this awful book till we might find some way to stop this horrible beast that the Dr has unleashed in the Valley.

                                             Good Night and Good Dreams                                                        Dr. Theo Tang          



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