Tygh Valley, 1890

Session 4 Recap

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  • The session opened with Shoshawna and Solomon talking as they walked away from the ranch. Solomon asked if their grandfather was alright after the trip into the valley. Shawna began to tell him about what happened in the valley, and about the monsters, when he abruptly produced a fancy gold watch with a look of panic on his face. He was evasive about where it came from, muttered something about Shoshawna being crazy like grandpa, and the bailed. Shoshawna followed Solomon, who faked like he was going into the woods, then cut back toward town
  • At Wainwright’s office, Wainwright regained his composure and handed over his pistol to Theo. Then they heard a scream from the examination room. Theo rushed in to find The Hatch-monster there, pushing gauze into a large gut wound. Lena cowered in the corner.
  • Seymour and Lula left Cynthia and Trudy at the Waites General Store. They entered the storefront portion of Tibbs’s workshop, seeing the door into his home on the right and his workshop door on the left, both behind a counter. They yelled for Tibbs, and got no answer. Seymour looked under the door and saw that the workshop was full of green dust.
  • Going around back, Lula found a set of double doors – Seymour followed. The doors were secured with a hefty padlock, so the pair opted to go into Tibbs’ home, which was unlocked. They found much dead skin in and around Tibbs’ bed, and a pink, perfumed note – Seymour noticed that the scent was the same his mother wears. The note read: ”Dearest Corman,
    The work you do now is the most important of all…by the skill of your hand, we shall succeed where even a god failed! You will be greatly favored after the Ascension.”
  • Bored, Lula headed back out to the double doors and blew the padlock off with her .44. They pushed the door open and a cloud of green dust rose from the floor. They found evidence of Corman working to recreate the key stone – to open the Akaitchi Seal – and also indication that something large, and of the same green stone, had been moved out of the workshop on a wagon recently. They see that the tracks lead across town.
  • Following her brother, Shoshawna hears Lena’s scream from the direction of the Wainwright clinic, but ignores it, not wishing to lose Solomon’s trail and assuming the noise to be simply more histrionics from the English woman. She then runs into Seymour and Lula – it seemed that Solomon was heading to the tracks’ ultimate destination. They quickly ascertained that this destination was the alley behind Lula’s parents public house, The Purple Plume. Seymour and Lula went inside and up to a storeroom Lula knew of that afforded them a view of the alley. Meanwhile, Shoshawna snuck back into the alley just in time to see Solomon and Corman Tibbs driving off.
  • Back at the Wainwright Clinic, Dr. Tang readied his pistols and asked if Wainwright knew some way to calm the Hatch-monster down. The doctor approached, all gentleness and confidence, and was briskly impaled on one of the monster’s claws. Theo fired both pistols into the monster’s face and it fell, dropping Wainwright. Still clinging to life, barely, Wainwright reached out to the dead monster – his former lover. Tang ran to collect more weapons!
  • As Theo returned with an antique shotgun, he moved passed Lena who muttered to herself “…appears this trip won’t be a complete waste after all.” Theo discharged the shotgun, vaporizing the monster’s mid-section, and then tried to pull the dead Wainwright away from the monster. A moment later Detective McCormick arrived on the scene, and Theo – overcome with grief – shoved his pistols in the man’s face. The detective sputtered, shocked and terrified – then Seymour kicked in the fucking door!
  • Seymour persuaded Theo to put the gun down, and as he lowered it momentarily McCormick bolted for the door. Seymour tried to grab him, but wasn’t quicker than the detective’s fear. Meanwhile, Lena was in the corner busily taking notes – Theo snatched them away, and found them to be an excited retelling of the events that had just taken place, along with notes about where to research various details about the monster and local legends. Theo asked her why she’d really come to Tygh Valley, and Lena acknowledged that it had more to do with the place’s reputation for strange happenings and magical goings on than anything else.
  • Seymour talked with Theo about what had just transpired with Wainwright and the Hatch-monster. Seymour then told him about the tracks he had been following out into the woods. They returned Lena’s notebook and let her leave, with assurances that she would catch up to them later to “compare notes.” Theo locked the door to the carnage-filled examination room, and left with Seymour to catch up with Lula and Shoshawna.
  • Shoshawna and Lula watched as Tibbs and Solomon pulled into the stable of a seemingly abandoned mansion in the woods outside of town. To avoid being seen the two young women tried to scale the wall of the estate, coming down behind the stables – unfortunately, owing to the slickness of the mossy wall, they came down much harder than they meant to. Looking through a back window of the stables, they witnessed Tibbs and Solomon opening a secret passage in the back wall of the stables and taking the wagon inside. A few moments later the women opened the passage again, marked the brick that opened the passage in hopes that Theo and Seymour would find it, and descended into it.
  • Theo and Seymour eventually found their way up to the mansion, and Seymour recognized it immediately as belonging to his Uncle – Baron _________. They saw that the tracks led inside, and followed them into the stable. It occured to the Marshall that the wagon wasn’t anywhere to be seen – then they noticed the tracks that seemed to drive into the wall! By sheer luck, Theo leaned against the switch. From the dark came Shoshawna’s signal, and the group reconnected.
  • The group followed the sounds of the wagon’s wheels down the pitch dark tunnel, clinging to the walls. After moving steeply downward for some time, with the wagon’s sounds fading ahead of them, they came into an open room. They lit the lantern and found that they were at a junction of many different caves, most of them naturally formed. Lula took this opportunity to relate to Shoshawna and Theo what she and Seymour had found at Tibbs’ workshop. They chose a tunnel with noticeable wheel ruts in the floor and continued down, extinguishing their light.
  • The sound of running water came to the group’s ears and, after another 30 or so minutes of steady downward travel, they came into another open room. Unable to hear anything over the now-loud and close sounds of water, the group was unwilling to light the lantern – they didn’t want to reveal their position to Tibbs and Solomon. Spreading out and feeling ahead of them, Shoshawna discovered that one side of the room was a cliff; a few moments later, Seymour discovered the wagon! Lighting the lantern (with a scrap of tarpaulin over it to mute the light), they found a pulley system in one corner of the room with ropes leading over the cliff, and found that the bed of the wagon was now empty except for a large tarp and a handful of masonry tools.
  • Peering over the edge of the cliff, they could see the shadows of an indeterminate number of people moving around in the room some 30 feet below them – unfortunately, the angle of the cliff prevented them from seeing far enough into the room to know how many were in it. Also unfortunately, the sound of falling water effectively drowned out any talking they might have heard from the room below. The group found a tunnel on the far side of the room they were in, that seemed to lead down into the room below, and started discussing a plan to sneak up on whomever was down there with Solomon and Tibbs.
  • Their scheming was interrupted by noise of someone coming up the tunnel from the room below. They killed the light and took positions around the tunnel entrance. First they saw a lantern bob up the tunnel, followed closely by Corman Tibbs’s face, which Shoshawna promptly put her fist into. Tibbs cried out, and Lula silenced him with a blow from her pistol butt.
  • they bound the unconscious Tibbs and put him into the back of the wagon, where Seymour proceeded to slap the mason awake. The marshall demanded to know what Tibbs’ had done with his mother, which elicited a confused reply…the marshall didn’t like this response at all, and backhanded Tibbs nearly back into unconsciousness. Shoshawna elbowed the overwrought Seymour out of the way and proceeded to ask the Mason what her brother was doing down there.
  • Tibbs replied that he just couldn’t tell them – that “she” would know. This provoked a moment of confusion amongst te group, which Tibbs exploited by throwing himself out of the wagon bed. Shoshawna managed to grab him by the legs and keep him from going over the cliff, but couldn’t prevent him from bashing himself unconscious on the stone floor of the room.
  • After tying the unconscious tibbs securely in the bed of the wagon, the group made their way cautiously down the tunnel and into the chamber below, led by Seymour (who was rather haphazardly disguised as the mason). They discovered that the room was now empty – apparently the mason’s accomplices had left, by another way, at the same time. What they did find, though, was a large altar carved of the tell-tale green stone – ropes and pulleys trailing from the ceiling to the area around the altar dispelled any doubts that this was the large object Tibbs and Solomon had brought in the wagon. The altar bore markings similar to those on the Sealing Stone.
  • Though they weren’t sure what the altar was for, they were positive that it couldn’t be anything good. So, they resolved to destroy it. They hurriedly reattached the ropes and pulleys to the altar and, leaving Shoshawna as a lookout in the lower chamber, returned to the upper chamber and started dragging it up. After moving it up a few feet, the party was rejoined by Shoshawna, who suggested that they allow the horses (still in the upper chamber) to do the rest of the pulling for them. Having lifted the altar to a height of maybe 25 feet above the floor of the lower chamber, they let it drop; it shattered with a resounding crash.
  • The group waited to see if their noisy destruction of the altar would get anyone’s attention and, when it didn’t, they began to make their way back up the tunnel, led by Shoshawna and carrying the bound Mr. Tibbs on horseback. Putting her ear against the secret door into the stables, she heard two gentlemen conversing in German. She called Seymour over to listen, but the mens’ brief coversation was over by the time he pushed his way past the horses to the tunnel entrance. They waited a few moments, not wanting to make their presence known to the men outside, then exited the secret passage and set off through the woods. Deciding that there was just no good way to get the bound Mason discreetly into town, they decided to take him to a hunting cabin deeper in the hills that was owned by Lula’s family.
  • This time the group tied Tibbs to a chair, then jostled him awake. Lula brought him around and told him that they had smashed the altar, to which he retorted that “the altar is nothing!” Seymour came on strong once again, brandishing his long knife in one hand and the note from his mother that he found at Tibbs’s place in the other. He demanded to know what “great service” Tibbs was working on for his mother. The mason spat at Seymour “You’re a fool!” and went on to rave that Seymour could have been a part of this, could have everything. Seymour didn’t like the sound of any of it, and pushed his knife slightly into the skin of the mason’s throat, drawing a small bead of blood. Tibbs’s eyes blazed with sheer madness in answer. Lula tried to break through the haze of the two mens’ rage with a rational appeal, and was successful. She explained to Tibbs that with the altar broken and him missing, his compatriots in whatever dark business was afoot would assume he was the one who broke it.
  • Tibbs seemed genuinely scared at this prospect, and began rationalizing out loud that he was too important, he was the one who created the key, his work was second only to that of “the dreamers” in importance. “And,” he insisted, “Hedwig would know I’d never do anything to hurt the cause!”
  • He continued to rant about how he had created the key – his work would allow all the power to come through! Shoshawna shouted him down in her native tongue, and was shown a disturbing vision of Harlan Pyotte’s face where Tibbs’s was just moment before, his mouth full of blood and shouting right back at her. She reeled slightly as her vision steadied. Lula made to steady her, and was punched in her one remaining eye for her trouble. The slight Lula was knocked clear across the room.
  • At this Seymour stormed out. Shoshawna stepped into the doorway and called, half to the fleeing Seymour and half to Lula and Theo who remained in the cabin, “haven’t you realized…we are the dreamers!” Seymour insisted that he had to talk to his mother and ride off. The remaining 3 members of the group made plans to each attend separate errands: Theo would return to the clinic and see to his sister, and the dead Dr. Wainwright; Shawna would return to the ravine and attempt to contact the spirits of the Gadach; and Lula would head to the logging company and try her best to acquire some dynamite. They made plans to rendezvous at the entrance to the Sealing Stone cave, before using the dynamite to collapse the entrance.
  • Theo arrived at the clinic to find Trudy and Cynthia having tea in the living room, seemingly oblivious to the carnage in the rear of the building. Thinking quickly, Dr. Tang played it cool. Cynthia mentioned that she had recently caught the Pastor looking in her mother’s bedroom window. Trudy then asked Theo where the doctor was – he lied. Then, making his way toward the examining room and Wainwright’s body, gave a shout of feigned shock and horror, pretending to be seeing the dead Wainwright for the first time. Trudy quickly followed him, and her shout was one of real horror and grief. Theo rather brusquely ordered his sister to go fetch the sheriff. She acquiesced, and Cynthia followed her, but not before giving Dr. Tang a brief piece of her mind.
  • Lula approached the closed lumber company office and saw only a single company guard on duty, and he was asleep. She moved stealthily in among the yard’s various tool sheds and shortly discovered what she was looking for – a crate of dynamite. Grabbing the crate, however, she toppled a stack of other tools, alerting the guard. She emerged from the shed with her game face on, ready to smooth talk the guard. He asked what she was doing with the dynamite and ahe quickly replied that her father had authorized her taking it. He asks for written authorization and she basically shrugged, playing dumb. Luckily, the strength of her father’s name and the earnestness of here manner were enough to impress the guard, and he allowed young Lula to walk away with the explosives.
  • Seymour burst into the sitting room of his parents’ stately home and loudly confronted his mother, shoving the perfumed note into her face and demanding to know what “great service” Tibbs was helping to perform. “What have you done?!” he asked, to which his mother replied “I have done nothing yet.” She offered Seymour a chance to be a part of what was coming, telling him he was born to lead. He asked where his father was and was answered by the sound of a pistol hammer being pulled back. His father tried to say a few consoling words…Seymour made as if he was relaxing, then turned abruptly and hurled a side table at his father. The table clipped his father and sent the pistol flying.
  • Shoshawna arrived in the creekbed outside the cave, and the magical fog rolled in to meet her. She sang the oldest songs she new from her grandfather, and made a ritual cut in her arm. The Gadach appear, and the leader with teeth bared walked forward and placed his hand on Shoshawna’s forehead. She dropped unconscious…riding through the woods from the logging company offices to the ravine, Lula fell asleep in the saddle…as the sheriff came through the door of the clinic, trailing Trudy and Cynthia, Theo collapsed to the floor…and, as his father recovered the pistol and his mother made to restrain her own son, Seymour fainted dead away.
  • the group gathered in the dream-place, the no-time, led together by the deer that was once again followed over the hill. But this time, waiting with the gathered others on the far side of the hill, were the Gadach. The deer pointedly turned his back on the Gadach, but their leader came forward to speak. He said that they were once connected to the valley spirit like the group members are, and that only those so connected could stop the usurpers who were now working to take in the whole of the valley’s power. He explained that a similar attempt had been made by some in the valley, to make a sacrifice and seize the power, 20 years before. That time, the ritual had been fouled by the sealing stone, which kept the Gadach and the valley’s power safely contained…this time, they have made a key to open the seal, and command monsters who will consume the Gadach’s souls, preventing them from attacking the usurpers. Then, they asked their favor of the group: the only opportunity, they claimed, for the Gadach to act against the usurpers was now. If the group could only release them, by opening the seal before the cult’s ritual, they would be able to move against the cult and, with any luck, effectively destroy them before the ritual can be performed. The group looked to the valley spirit for help and it looked right back, as if to say “the choice is yours.”
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    Session 3 Recap
    Into the Valley...
    • The session began with our catching up with Marshall Seymour as he went to meet with the Sheriff. He was asked to help out, in a few days time, with patrolling the town at night. He was also told that there were only a few suspects in the recent murders of native boys around town – the old Akaitchi shaman Catkiller, and the effeminate Dr. Wainwright.
    • Seymour went home from the Sheriff’s office to see his mother and father. His mother met him with customary warmth and expressed concern about his continuing adventures. She also regretfully told Seymour that his father would be leaving early the next morning on business back East.
    • After dinner and talk with both parents, Seymour’s father retired early while the Marshall joined his mother for a game of chess in the study. Over the game, she tried in a rather oblique fashion to persuade Seymour to give up his military life and seek something greater. He gently evaded his mother’s prodding, and also managed to checkmate her rather handily. After retiring, he was woken in the night by a dream, whereupon he sprang from bed and rushed to a certain spot at the edge of town.
    • Fresh from battling the Hatch-beast to a rout, Shoshawna, Lula, and Theo made their way to the edge of the road to meet their savior. It turned out to be the red-headed and freckled Deputy Cody, who had been roused from a night time visit with Cynthia Waites by the noise of the fight with the beast. Just as the Deputy was taking his leave, Seymour arrived on the scene.
    • Left alone, the party began filling Seymour in on recent events. They were interrupted, however, by a strange sound of chanting from the direction of town. Cautiously, Seymour, Lula, and Dr. Tang moved into the small grid of Haven’s streets, following the chanting down an alley toward the town square. Shoshawna covered them with her rifle from a perch atop a tree…it was from there that she detected movement in the alley across the square from her companions, just as the chanting died down.
    • Following Shoshawna’s direction, the others rushed the opposite alley and pinned the lurking party to the ground. It was the Pastor of the local church, Father Jonas, who claimed to have just been out for a walk – a thin lie that the party saw through immediately. Lula taunted him about his illegitamate parentage of Cynthia Waites, and managed to shame him into saying that he was attracted by the ungodly chanting. The party went their separate ways, to get what sleep they could before the hastening dawn.
    • As Dr. Tang emerged from his bedroom the next morning, he was greeted both by Dr. Wainwright and the private detective, Sean McCormick. McCormick asked pointed questions of Dr. Wainwright about the whereabouts of Ken Hatch. Wainwright couldn’t very well tell the detective that Hatch had been transmuted into a monster, but his evasiveness incensed the detective. Nearly shouting, McCormick laid out a theory about Hatch’s disappearance, and revealed that he had spoken to railway and coach personnel in the area who affirmed Hatch hadn’t left town as McCormick claimed. He crowned this tirade by threatening to use what he knew about Hatch’s disappearance to frame him for the other murders in town. At this Theo rose suddenly from his chair at Wainwright’s side and demanded McCormick leave immediately.
    • Shoshawna was woken by a heated conversation beneath her window at the Wagon Wheel – the wealthy and usually impeccably composed Leona McCrackin was soliciting a large quantity of morphine from Dirty Sally, in the tones of a cold junkie. She said that she knew Leroy wouldn’t be around to get it for her, and demanded that Sal get it, and quickly too! After getting ready, Shoshawna went downstairs and discussed what she’d overheard with Sal. She told Sal that Leroy had been murdered the night before, and both women were suspicious about how Mrs. McCrackin had seemed to know as much, when so far Deputy Cody was the only person outside of the party who knew.
    • Lula woke to the smells of menthol and camphor, and her father’s unsettling moans. She found him receiving an application of ointment from Reginald the butler in the dining room. They made idle conversation, and her father mentioned that her mother, Leona, was in town tending to some last minute preparation for the harvest festival that weekend. Then, as her father rose from the table and turned away from her, Lula noticed something unsettlingly familiar about the way he moved…but she couldn’t quite place it.
    • Seymour woke peacefully, dressed, and made to go downstairs, but was arrested at the top of the staircase by the sound of his mother talking in altogether inappropriate tones to a man who was not his father. Striding downstairs and putting on his best stern, government-sponsored-killer face, he introduced himself to the rather homely and common man who was blushingly being seduced by his mother. He was Corman Tibbs, a local mason ostensibly doing some work on the Von Kreators’ family hearth. After thoroughly intimidating the smaller man, Seymour left to meet the party at Winterground. On the way out, he noticed that Tibbs had left a quantity of curious green dust on his hand from their handshake.
    • The party came on Solomon Birdseye, seemingly alone at Winterground. He said Catkiller was in the sweat lodge, and invited Shoshawna to join him for a days paying work breaking horses with a local farmer, Pat Klein. She said she might meet him later, after finishing her business, at which Solomon admonished her to stop treating their grandfather ‘like some kind of wizard’. Solomon left, and Catkiller thoroughly snuck up on the rest of the party as they waited. He had them join hands, explaining that they had to cleanse themselves before venturing into the valley. As the old man’s ritual reached its apex, each of the members of our party were assailed by visions.
    • As the group collectively recovered, a melodious ‘Helooooo’ rang out over the hilltop clearing where Catkiller made his home. Lena Avondale, all cooing fascination, proceeded to inflict herself on the group, asking/demanding that they take her on their little adventure into the valley – after all, she squeaked, she seemed to be just in time! Catkiller insisted this was a bad idea, and met no resistance from the group, who in every way tried to convey to Lena that they would take her walking in the valley another day…she seemed to understand.
    • The group then made their way into the valley, following Catkiller down a path, which became a narrow track, which became nothing but the rocky forest floor. The morning had been a somewhat misty one when the group had set out, but the fog quickly thickened, hindering the party’s visibility and causing Catkiller to worry aloud. Soon, with the fog growing ever thicker, he urged the group into a run. Disturbingly, they could make out shadowy things running along in the fog beside them.
    • The group crashed down a cliff that none of them saw coming and landed, with thankfully little injury, in a rocky creek bed. It was then that they heard an all too familiar british scream, followed by Lena crashing hard into the creek herself. Adding exponentially to her unwelcomeness, she whined and held up an obviously broken ankle. The obviously annoyed Dr. Tang remained behind with Lena while the others followed Catkiller into a cave a short ways down the creek bed. Once the party was out of sight, the doctor set Lena’s ankle without anesthetic…then, realizing the utility of having her in an ether-induced stupor, proceeded to administer a knockout dose to her ‘for the pain’. He then rifled through her bag, encountering an array of strange instruments and a copy of the same book that Lula had discovered in her library: Ley Lines and Points of Power Upon the Earth, by one Lord Avondale.
    • In the cave, which turned out to be a labyrinth, the others and Catkiller found the chamber that housed the sealing stone. Sure enough, a chunk was missing that corresponded to the size and shape of Pyotte and Catkillers’ necklaces. They also found the dessicated remains of Hatch and Wainwright’s disastrous picnic, and a quantity of green dust in the area. On closer inspection of the sealing stone, they also found traces of clay around the area where the necklace chunk had been chipped off, as if someone had cast a mold of the break’s concavity. As they made ready to leave, both Shoshawna and Seymour noticed a set of tracks on the floor that didn’t belong to any in the party – they tried to trace where these led, but as soon as they left the sealing stone room they discovered that the tracks they were trying to follow blended into a confusion of other tracks, as if a great many people had traveled the tunnels nearby – following a coherent trail proved completely impossible.
    • Emerging from the cave the party found the doctor tending to the unconscious brit as the fog in the creekbed grew thicker still. Again, the man-like shapes appeared in the mist, and this time one of them lunged at the doctor! Lula fired a shot or two into the shadow-mist-indian with seemingly no effect while Seymour, his Marshall training seemingly forgotten, fled away from the scene and up out of the creekbed. Seeing the futility of using bullets on the spirit creatures, Shosawna tried to tackle one bodily – she passed right through it, but not without forcing it to release its hold on Dr. Tang. The spirit that Shoshawna hit dissolved entirely, but ranks of similar spirits materialized in the mist before the party. They gritted their teeth in an unsettling manner, spoke in chorus what seemed to be some Indian tongue, and then a single word in English – “Help.”
    • The mist dissipated then, and the group found their way back to Winterground with little difficulty. After a bit of discussion they split up – Tang took Lena to recover further at Wainwright’s clinic, Shoshawna went to seek out her twin at the Klein ranch, and Lula and the Marshall went into town to do some shopping and then head to Tibbs’ workshop to learn the provenance of the green dust.
    • After laying Lena out in the examination room at Wainwright’s, Tang went looking for his mentor. He found him in his office, contemplating suicide, pistol in hand. Luckily, Tang managed to talk him down and take the pistol from him, convincing him that they would find a way to help Hatch, and that Detective McCormick’s threats that morning were nothing but hot air.
    • At Pat Klein’s ranch Shoshawna ran into the rancher’s son, Evan Klein, as he and a friend watched the elder Klein and Solomon deal with the last of the new horses. The boys seemed uncharacteristically sullen, but said that they didn’t want to talk about whatever was bothering them – that Shoshawna wouldn’t believe them anyway…nobody did. Shoshawna then opened up about some of the weirdness she’d witnessed in the last few days, thereby gaining the boys’ trust. They related to her how they had been camping out in Klein’s back acreage, and had heard Shamus Birdseye returning to town the night he was killed. They actually witnessed the murder – by the Hatch creature – but the Sheriff had written their statements off as the product of an over active imagination. They also told her that they knew what cave the thing lived in – that all the kids in town did!
    • Arriving at the Waites General Store, Seymour and Lula found Cynthia and Trudy Tang sitting on the steps – Cynthia smoking a cigarette while Trudy looked on with a mix of intensity and reservation. Cynthia remarked that Lula had been right – that her mom, Mrs. Waites, did go for the black dudes – producing a picture of a twenty years younger Caitlyn Waites with her arm around Harlan Pyotte, as they stood next to the lone worker who was minding the mill on the day of the tragedy, when the flood gates burst – the man was known to have had a stroke while on duty that day, which was the commonly held reason for how the thing had happened. Nonetheless, the fact of her mom having relations with a black man was what most impressed Cynthia, as she opined that her mom’s taste in men had taken a turn for the worse – the elder Waites had been spending a lot of nights up on the hill with Old Man Whateley. In fact, she was up getting ready for a date right then, which is why Cynthia was minding the store. She sold Seymour the few items he required, and then Seymour and Lula left to seek out Tibbs at his workshop.
    Dr. Tang's Journal
    Entry #333

       So I’ve arrived back in my home town after almost a full year away in Chicago looking to get some trauma experience in the city E.R. or maybe in an I.C.U..The trip on the train was most interesting. I ran into several other residents of Tygh Valley that I grew up with and by some strange luck we all had the chance to catch up since we were all sharing the same compartment. I also met a man named Harlan Pyotte he claimed to be a traveling sales man and story teller, and after excusing himself from the compartment for a short time he came back and processed to yell at us after going though his bag and finding something missing but we were successful in convincing him that we didn’t take anything from his bag. I also met a P.I. named Sean McCormick who said he was looking for a young man named Ken Hatch and that Dr. Wainwright was a suspect in his disappearance which I found very offensives in the way he mentioned it. And on the last leg of the journey home I met a British anthropologist named Lena Avondale who was studying some of the local native history impartially the lost tribe of the Gadach which brought a chill over me but I believe her to be a very intelligent woman in her field of study. She did show us a picture tho of the same necklace that Harlan excused us of stealing and that had brought much strange activated earlier and that evening on the train car. The trip ended with the train train getting onto an awful accident which I believed looked like a bunch of deer where on the tracks and all got hit by the train but now I am looking at this accident with different eyes.

       We all went our separate ways after getting to the train station with me going off with the Dr but not before Mr. McCormick had a chance to harass the Dr and myself. Getting to the house shortly after leaving the station I finally got to see my sister who was more then willing to confirm that the Dr and this Ken Hatch mentioned from the train did have an affair which did not surprise me that much but the last such sort of relations I knew of before this was someone that passed in the same accident that my parents had died in (is this last part ok with you Miles?) I did do some snooping in the Dr’s study were I found a picture of who I believe most have been Ken the Dr and Harlan and an awful book about who I believe where the Gadach and some disturbing rituals that they preformed and this book was addressed to the Dr and Ken from Harlan. Later that night during dinner some of my friends from the train ride and myself confronted the Dr and asked him about what was his full relationship with Ken was and if he knew where he might be. We had ask the Dr firmly a time or two but he told the the whole story of the book and that Ken and himself had preformed some native ritual that transformed Ken into an horrible beast and that he was now in the wild loose killing people in the area. This is a nightmare of circumstances and I am going to have to keep this awful book till we might find some way to stop this horrible beast that the Dr has unleashed in the Valley.

                                                 Good Night and Good Dreams                                                        Dr. Theo Tang          

    Session 2 Recap
    “He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home” -Goethe
    • Our characters arrived at the Tygh Valley train station a little shaken after seeing the mass of dead deer, but nonetheless glad to be home. Before they even made it to the station proper, a uniformed, ginger youth rode up and beckoned to Marshall Von Kreator. He told the Marshall that the town sheriff needed to speak with him, and so they took off, with the Marshall riding awkwardly behind the youth.
    • At the station Dr. Wainwright was waiting to meet Theo, and after hugging him proceeded to greet the rest of the party warmly and invite them to dinner. The happy scene was broke up by McCormick the private eye, who reduced Wainwright to stammering with some very direct question about Ken Hatch’s whereabouts. Wainwright manages to compose himself enough to defer any questions until the next morning, and he and Theo take off.
    • Lula’s butler Reginald arrived to collect her, brought her to mommy and daddy, while Shoshawna went to obtain lodgings at her usual haunt in the town of Haven, the Wagon Wheel.
    • Upon entering the Wagon Wheel Shoshawna ran into her least older brother, Fast Leroy. He told her that he had been doing well, making money selling opium, but that their grandfather Catkiller was doing quite poorly. Then he gave her worse news: their oldest brother Shamus had been killed in the wood nearby, his body mutilated. Shoshawna next went into the saloon’s backroom, seeking her old friend Dirty Sally, the Wagon Wheel’s owner.
    • Sally was engaged in a card game with a group of other town biddys, but leapt up to greet Shawney. Shoshawna related the events of the train ride, and Sally recognized Harlan’s name. Said that he used to run around with Wainwright and Hatch. Shoshawna tossed her things into her old room, then headed up to the native settlement, Winter Ground, to speak with her grandfather.
    • Lula arrived at her family’s mansion overlooking the town to find her mother waiting to greet her and her father in the steam room (it helps with his skin condition, mother explained). Mother was coldly solicitous over fancy tea, and mentioned that the Purple Plume had been doing well lately. She mentioned the murders of some natives (including Shamus!) and said that as result her and Lula’s father would like her to remain indoors after dark. She asked after Lula’s job prospects cursorily, and gave no reaction to Lula’s announcement that she would seek work with the local paper. Following a reporter’s hunch, she asked her mother about Mr. Hatch, but mother seemed characteristically empty headed about him. Next, Lula asked after her friend Cynthia, and got nothing but classist platitudes back.
    • Running upstairs she waved at her father through the sauna door, observed that his skin condition was quite serious…shiny black patches were appearing on his shoulders and back. She retired briefly to her room to wait for her father.
    • After arriving at Dr. Wainwright’s home – the house where he grew up – Dr. Tang was greeted by his sister. He asked her after some brief chatter about who Ken Hatch was and Trudy replied that he was a bastard. A heartbreaking bastard! She told him that Ken had lived with the Dr. for six months, and had then just run out…with some other man, she guessed. She said the Dr. was extremely depressed about losing Ken, that he needed someone to talk to desperately: he wouldn’t talk to her, and couldn’t exactly bear his soul to the pastor. She said that Wainwright was so sad that he even sometimes pretended to speak with Ken in his room at night.
    • Theo heard Wainwright in the kitchen, so took the opportunity to snoop around the doctor’s study. He quickly found a framed photo of Wainwright, a younger man who must be Hatch, and Harlan Pyotte, arm in arm like the best of friends. Continuing his quick search, he came across a book bound in strange leather with no title or author listed on its spine; it did however have an inscription in the front cover Dearest Cass and Kenny – don’t get into too much trouble with this! -Harlan. The book was handwritten, in a cramped script, with disturbing illustrations throughout.
    • Theo then walked brazenly into the kitchen to ask the doctor when dinner would be served and, cleverly covering his tracks, asked to borrow some reading materials from the doctor’s library. He repaired to his room to spend the hour or so before dinner studying the book (foolishly?). He found it full of lurid descriptions of hideous occult rites and shocking illustrations…one in particular stuck in his mind – a sketch of an insectoid creature bearing a horrifying dimensional legend reading: 6 feet – and caused him to drop the book, gasping.
    • Shoshawna found her grandfather in his house at Winter Ground, sick and coughing. In the midst of a coughing fit, he beckoned for Shoshawna to bring him a brown sack full of medicine. Taking a pill and, shortly, catching his breath he said under his breath white man’s medicine. Shoshawna confronted her grandfather on taking the white man’s medicines, and he defended his choice by defending the integrity of Dr. Wainwright…said he was a friend, and a capable healer.
    • They talked of Leroy, and how Grandfather had kicked him out. Then, they talked of the dead brother Shamus. Grandfather called it an evil act, one that no animal could have perpetrated…they do not know such cruelty. He said that the attack had happened three weeks prior, quite close to Winter Ground, and that all of the remaining brothers were dealing with it in their own way. Shoshawna asked after her twin, Solomon, and found that he got a job as a logger, something that both she and grandfather found repugnant…but nonetheless, an economic necessity.
    • Again, Shoshawna related the events of the train ride to Tygh Valley and the town of Haven. When she mentioned the necklace that Harlan lost and reclaimed – the piece of the Akaitchi sealing stone – Grandfather’s eyes went wide. He went to his room and returned with the necklace itself – it was indeed the corner of a sealing stone, which sealed a gate in the depths of the valley and sealed away the evil tribe, the Gadach. Grandfather insisted that the necklace Harlan had on the train must have been just an illusion, a sign sent to Shoshawna…he would not admit the possibility that there was another stone which would open the seal. She took her leave of her Grandfather and went to join the doctors Tang and Wainwright for dinner.
    • On her way to the home of the two doctors (and Trudy!), Shoshawna sidetracked a bit to survey the area where her brother had been killed. She found the place easily enough…Shamus’s horse had bled out there as well, and the ground was still dark from it. She found bits of cloth and things yet hanging from a few bushes, and then started looking for the trail of whatever attacked her brother. She could find no tracks on the ground, when some intuition caused her to look up. At semi-regular intervals, 10 to 20 feet above the forest floor, chunks were dug into the trees, as if from a blade or hook. Noting this, shoshawna continued on to Wainwright’s house.
    • While waiting to speak with her father, Lula dug through the inherited library which still cluttered the better part of her room. Flipping through old papers and clippings, she came across a sepia tone photo of the mill up the river on opening day – a picture over 40 years old – and Harlan was in it, looking exactly as he did on the day they met him. She then noticed that someone else had been rooting through her books while she was gone, one book in particular: Ley Lines and Points of Power Upon the Earth by Sir Cormack, Lord Avondale.
    • Father came in wearing his smoking jacket, which almost completely hid the beetle shell-like patches on his shoulders and neck. He explained it was a hereditary condition called Scleroderma, which seemed to be effecting a handful of people in town. He offered to buy the town paper to get Lula a job, briefly mentioned the murders (Indian troubles), and was the nice old dad that Lula remembered. After taking leave of her father she went to Wainwright’s for dinner.
    • The party met up at Wainwright’s and repaired to the study for a drink before dinner. They compared what they had learned that day and concluded a few things: first, whatever was doing the murders in town was neither man nor animal, but something else; and, second, that the seemingly ageless Harlan almost certainly had something to do with the deaths.
    • Over dinner, the trio confronted Wainwright about Hatch, demanding to know what had happened to the young man. Wainwright at first tried to be vague, saying that Hatch just ‘left him’ one day in the woods. The party was having none of it, and Shoshawna called Wainwright a liar to his face. Finally, after asking that Trudy leave the room, he broke down and told what had really happened to Ken Hatch.
    • Wainwright and Hatch had been dabblers in the occult as well as lovers, and were especially excited to receive the leather bound book from Harlan. One day they conducted one if the rituals that the book described, to terrible effect: Hatch was transformed into a monster! This was 4 weeks ago, just before the murders began. At this point the doctor lapsed into tears. The party got one more piece of information out of the doctor as he leaned on Theo: sometimes Hatch, in his monstrous form, still came to visit Wainwright in the night.
    • The party went their separate ways, then: Shoshawna to wait for her twin Solomon at Winter Ground; Theo to bathe and then go to sleep in his childhood room at Wainwright’s house; and Lula to touch base with her best friend Cynthia (they made plans to meet up the next day, and Lula let Cynthia in on the occult secrets she had learned about the murders in town) before going home to bed.
    • The party members were each awoken by their own dreams, and somehow converged at the edge of town. In the pitch black night they heard Fast Leroy whistling down the road long before they saw him. Shoshawna first whistled back, and then called out to him, but his answer turned suddenly to a scream and was then cut off. As the moon slid out from behind the clouds, they saw the bloody mess that Leroy had become, and the beast that had made him so – the twin of the heinous sketch in the book pilfered from wainwright’s library.
    • Lula spoke the thing’s name – Kenneth! – and it froze for a moment, staring at the party dumbfounded. Unfortunately, this lasted only a moment, then the beast launched itself at the one-eyed young woman. Shoshawna quickly moved to get some distance on the creature, circling around behind. Meanwhile, the creatures claws swept wide of both Lula and Theo. The doctor tried again to speak with the creature, while Lula pulled her pistol and fired a shot into its black, carapace covered analogue of a shoulder.
    • The thing shuddered back and then, enraged, swung again. This time its claws found a tree, but failed to hit Theo. The doctor took this as his cue to flee. Lula fired again, but missed, as the monster gave chase. Suddenly, Shoshawna sprang from the undergrowth, thrashing the creature to the ground as it tried to pull itself into the treetops.
    • The thing pulled itself up, and pulled back to slash shoshawna apart, but was thrown from it’s feet by a bullet that came from the direction of the road. The thing that was Ken Hatch gave an alien cry and fled. Looking toward the road, the party could see the silhouette of a man on a horse…
    Session 1 Recap
    strangers on a train
    • Our characters – Lula McCrackin, Seymour Von Kreator, Shoshawna Birdseye, and Dr. Theo Tang – met on the train on their way home to Tygh Valley. By some strange coincidence, the quartet of Oregonians had been assigned to the same sleeper compartment. Shortly after picking up Seymour and Shoshawna at Butte, MT, the train stopped in a smaller town.
    • As the train pulled away, there was a knock on the door and a slim, exotic looking black man entered the compartment. He announced himself as Harlan Pyotte, traveling salesman and story sharer, and asked where everyone was going.
    • After hearing that the group was headed to Tygh Valley, Harlan mentioned briefly that he had a friend out that way, one Ken Hatch, then launched into a tirade about the practices of a lost tribe of “heathens” who practiced all kinds of repugnant rituals…cannibalism, bestiality, and other assorted ‘black magic’.
    • Toward the end of Harlan’s little tear Shoshawna pulled out her big hunting knife and proceeded to menacingly clean her nails and teeth with it. Harlan, getting the hint, stopped his story and excused himself to the WC.
    • Bit of an awkward silence while he’s away. Then, on his return, he rifles through his bag and becomes suddenly panicked. Starts demanding that our characters return what they took. He insists that ‘it’ is very rare, and becomes increasingly loud and agitated.
    • He puts his hands on Dr. Tang, which is the cue that Seymour and Shoshawna seemed to have been waiting for. Both produced weapons and put them in Harlan’s face…they were the very center of his attention for a moment, until a small sound from outside the compartment caused his ears to prick up.
    • Moments later the porter came into the car to examine tickets, and Harlan failed to produce one. Thinking that she might be able to get an interesting story out of the seeming stowaway, Lula produced cash for his ticket. After the porter left Harlan, looking a little shaken, ducked into the closet of the compartment to stow his bag. The closet door shut behind him.
    • After a few minutes passed and Harlan failed to emerge, Lula went to investigate. Found a necklace with an Akaitchi design, but no Harlan. The symbol was somewhat familiar to Lula from her occult research, but she couldn’t place its specific meaning. Her inability to identify it was explained when she showed the necklace to the group and Shoshawna recognized it as a small fragment of a larger design: an Akaitchi sealing, binding pattern.
    • Given the evening’s events, the party unanimously decided to seek out libations in the dining car. Almost immediately a gregarious, pudgy man in a worn fedora approached Lula and offered to buy her a drink. He was slightly discomforted when he realized that Lula was there with a group of people, but he quickly adapted, asking about the group’s travel plans.
    • Turns out that the man – Sean McCormick, private eye – was also on his way to Tygh Valley. He’d been hired by a woman in NYC to seek out her nephew who had quit answering her letters and telegrams. The nephew’s name? Ken Hatch.
    • McCormick explains that Hatch was known to have been staying with Dr. Cassius Wainwright, town doctor of Tygh Valley, and Dr. Tang’s adopted father and mentor. McCormick took the opportunity of Tang and Wainwright’s acquaintance to ask some questions of Tang. However, when his questioning intimated a less than wholesome relationship between the bachelor Wainwright and young Hatch, and when his ham handed flirting with Lula became completely insufferable, the group decided to return to their sleeper for the night.
    • In the night Seymour (?) was awoken by a commotion in the closet. Upon investigation he saw a strange shade of some kind, like the fading shadow of a man, and also found the cigar that the disappeared Harlan had been smoking much earlier. He woke the others, and Shoshawna found that Harlan’s necklace, which she had been wearing for safe keeping, was gone.
    • The next day the train made its last stop before Tygh Valley, and another passenger was assigned to their car for the last leg of the trip: one Lena Avondale, a young British anthropologist studying the natives of the region. Specifically, she’s investigating a ‘lost tribe’, the Gadach…mention of the name caused a bit of a hush to run through the party, as it was associated in memory with tales their mothers or grandmothers had told them to keep them out of the woods as children.
    • Avondale immediately warmed up to the group, asking reverent, fascinated questions of Shoshawna and very nearly sitting on Theo’s lap. She showed the group some of her notes, including a sketch of an artifact that she was seeking…the party immediately recognized the design in the sketch as the same as the Akaitchi necklace. They became slightly suspect of Avondale, asking where she had seen the necklace…they were all badly shaken by the night of strange coincidence they had so far had, and found it hard to accept that she had simply copied it from a newspaper illustration.
    • Suddenly, the emergency brake of the train squealed piercingly and the train slowed sharply. A few members of the party were thrown from their seats, but relatively little injury was sustained. A moment later a porter cane and ordered everyone off the train…the train had struck something and it would take a few hours to clear the track.
    • Fortunately, the train was only a few hundred yards from Tygh Valley, so the party was able to walk the rest of the way into town. Moving past the front of the train there was a crowd of railroad personnel and men from down at the Tygh Valley station. Beyond the crowd, the party glimpsed what the train had hit: a group of maybe a dozen deer (hard to tell precisely, given the damage that the train had done) lay tangled and bloody before and under the first set of the train’s heavy wheels.

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